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More or less serene, humankind is facing climate catastrophe and thus its own downfall.
Of course, there are lots of environmental organizations that have been actively raising awareness of abuses for decades and have achieved a great deal. And there is also the FridaysForFuture, which strikes weekly for the theme of all topics.
A new approach is needed. We will provide it: The GreenCorder !

About: About Us

Meet The Team



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Irene is our organizational talent! She always has an overview and knows answers to questions before they are even asked. That's why she also knows answers to many environmental problems: GreenCorder!



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Andy is our nerd! The piece of technology he isn‘t able to understand, repair and improve must be invented first. Just the right man for the implementation of such a brilliant idea like GreenCorder!



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Charlotte is our expert for marketing and Public Relations.

Being a committed environmental activist, she is particularly impressed by the idea of GreenCorder.



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Peter is web designer and expert programmer. Being a globetrotter, he has dealt with many types of active environmental protection and can always report from his wealth of experience.


$ $ $

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Your picture could be here! We are looking for committed people who want to actively contribute to environmental protection and financially support GreenCorder during the start-up phase!


We want YOU!

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We are a dynamic startup and looking for you! Eager for challenges and having skills? We are looking for:

  • Computer scientist

  • Web Designer

  • All-round talents for marketing, sales and sooo much more!

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