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Who should own a GreenCorder?

Active and conscious environmental protection can take on a whole new dimension thanks to GreenCorder. In the future, a broad community will be able to check on-site  environmental objectives and promises are actually being adhered to.
Ecologically committed people of all ages for the first time are given the opportunity to no longer have to believe, but to know.

GreenCorder should be in as many hands as possible!

Why should also I own a GreenCorder?

Do you already have a sustainable lifestyle?
You spare the resources of the earth to the best of our ability?
OK then!
Unfortunately, our environment is still abused by so many, mostly for profit.
This fantastic device can sustainably improve our environment by having as many people regularly checked their environment.

You too should take the opportunity to protect yourself and the whole world from further environmental sins.

Environmental protection is not my paramount. So why?

Litterally EVERYONE can benefit from GreenCorder!

Starting with the worried family man, who cannot believe he has to refuel again, up to an attentive grandmother being afraid to serve contaminated mushrooms to her grandson. Even DIY enthusiasts will love our device, because they want to make sure that their wood stain is really not as toxic as for example Xyladecor was.

GreenCorder provides valuable help and support in everyday life for all people!

How does GreenCorder help in everyday life?

GreenCorder is a universal extension of the senses. So equipped, each user can identify environmental sins that our five senses just can not detect.

Its spectral analysis, for example, may even detect KO drops in drinks!

What impact does GreenCorder have at society?

The possibility for EVERYONE and EVERY TIME to be able to actually measure and publish all the actual data will have two consequences:
1) Awareness of the importance of a clean environment is sharpened
2) Polluters will have a harder time getting through their machinations

Does a universal device like GreenCorder already exist?


Such an universally usable piece of technology like GreenCorder has never been constructed before!


What does the user know when taking individual measurements?

In principle one can recognize most known "environmental sins", here are some current examples:

"The water pollution is harmless!"(link)
With GreenCorder and its spectral analysis, an analysis would have been possible within a few seconds!

Exhaust Scandal“ (link)
Although GreenCorder does not replace a series of measurements with calibrated special instruments, discovering would have been possible much earlier because many (legitimate) suspicious people around the world occasionally keep their GreenCorders on one or the other of exhausts.

“That radio mast / power pole / chimney is not in operation at all!“
GreenCorder's infrared camera or magnetometer can verify those and similar claims within seconds.


What else does make GreenCorder special?

Another aspect is that with GreenCorder all the evaluations of its sensors combined are available!
Thanks to sufficient internal computing power, additional information can be obtained from the combination of measured values. The necessary calculations and the guidance of the user through complex measuring procedures are carried out automatically by the Artificial Intelligence of the GreenCorder.


Due to combination of sensor readings additional data can be gained. Learn more about this innovative technology!

Remember Hinkley, the American village? It had gained worldwide fame thanks to Erin Brockovich.
With GreenCorder early discovery of hexavalent chromium would have been possible!

Is there a way to run GreenCorder by solar energy?

GreenCorder has a built-in battery that allows independent operation for 10 hours.

It is powered and charged using a standard USB-C connection, just like a modern smartphone.

Therefore, the complete range of solutions for operating smartphones (eg power banks) can also be used for GreenCorder, which is why powering by solar energy is possible easily.

What is the difference between GreenCorder and some smartphone app?

Much, very much, nearly everything!

Smartphone apps only have access to those sensors and features the smartphone is equipped with. GreenCorder has 25 sensors that smartphones don't have and will not have for a long time because of their small size and lots of other technical requirements.