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Combination of measured values

Modern methods for assessing situations usually use combinations of measured values from different sensors. In technical literature, this technique is referred to as "multi-sensorial data fusion" and is considered a relatively young, but very promising branch of science.

Each weather station offers some simple examples: combination of values for temperature, air pressure and humidity allow a more precise interpretation of the weather conditions than any independent consideration of each of the instruments would provide. Another example is the quick diagnosis of an oncoming flu, we are interpreting sums of individual information (fever, sore throat, runny nose, lack of concentration, fatigue?).

Our Solution


The expert system included in GreenCorder‘s software makes this method accessible to the public.
Combinations of different measurements are searched for patterns and corresponding interpretations are created.

Thanks to software, the GreenCorder is able to evaluate a number of such combinations and autonomously points to recognized problems.

Moreover, the definition set of sensor combinations is disclosed and can be expanded dynamically. On the one hand, interested parties may create new rules, test them and publish the results as a new set of rules and, on the other hand, they may import and apply downloaded rule sets to their GreenCorder.

Examples of applied multisensory data fusion provided by GreenCorder